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Doorstep Sessions 2020

"My two boys had so much fun and didn't want it to end. Photos were sent through really fast and of such great quality. The fact it's all for charity is amazing."
Emma Zigler, Doorstep Sessions

Whilst 2020 may not have been what we expected, it did help to shine a light on the things that matter most: home, family, love, and security. 2020 for me, was a year to learn to appreciate the small moments and to cherish our loved ones more than ever. 

Whilst the majority of our 2020 was spent in the house, it certainly wasn't all bad. It taught us all how to come together, to support each other, to find time for our family, gain strength, and become more patient.

Covid-19 has changed our worlds forever but I wanted to bring some positivity and light to families around Northampton; bringing the fun straight to their front door (or back garden)!


These doorstep sessions were made to show that no matter where you are or what situation you are in, beautiful memories can be made and treasured for a lifetime. 

Most importantly, I used these sessions as a way to contribute to our amazing NHS and raised funds for Northamptonshire Health Charity!

I am so proud and glad so many families helped me raised a mind-blowing £932!

With that kind of money, Northamptonshire Health Charity was able to buy soft furnishings for their "relaxation room" for the amazing staff at Northampton General Hospital. They were also able to offer care packages for staff at the community and mental health hospitals. 


We cried, we clapped

We stayed at home, we baked

We homeschooled, we painted rainbows

We stayed 2 meters apart, we Zoomed,

We did DIY, we thanked our NHS

We lived in bubbles, we wore masks

But most of all we made it through 2020!

I really think we are going into 2021 stronger than ever before and I hope it brings better and brighter days for everyone.

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