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Outdoors Lifestyle Photo Sessions

Outdoor sessions are a great way to capture images of lively children at their best. I like to keep them active during my fun outdoor family photo sessions.

We are so lucky to live around some amazing spaces in Northampton and enjoying these beautiful spaces as a family can create a perfect photo moment. There is always beauty to be seen, no matter what the season.

So why not come on an adventure with me?

Let's walk in the park, splash in muddy puddles, play with the leaves, enjoy the glorious sunset in Summer, or even play in the snow! Nature is always changing, let's get out there and enjoy every moment with your family and let me be there to document each amazing moment.

If your child is shy or not wanting to cooperate, don't worry! Let them run, explore, relax, and do their own thing. The best pictures can be taken whilst they are enjoying themselves and aren't focusing on the camera.

I always try to keep the sessions very natural and relaxed. Capturing pure, raw moments between you and your family. 

Children grow up so quickly so these moments need to be treasured!

Whilst many families love outdoor sessions, these special moments are not just for families! Why not surprise your other half with a surprise engagement proposal? Or just a stunning couple session? You may even want to get some photos of a special place with your best friends. Different places mean different things for each of us; capturing these moments make the perfect keepsake. 

If this sounds like the relaxed photography experience you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me!

"I did a family photoshoot with Heloisa for myself, my family and a close friend and her family- we were looking for informal shots that captured us all having fun (as my boys are incapable of posing for pictures!) -she was fantastic capturing the right moments and blending back so we didn't feel we were being "followed" or "photographed".
Vicki A, Outdoor Sessions
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